My TPT Story!


The Journey Ahead of Me

Before I begin, let me give you guys a little bit of my background of how it all started back during my freshmen year as an undergraduate. I came to college not having a clue of what I was going to do with my life and of course my parents always expected the best out of our family especially since I was the oldest out of four girls. My parents always pushed us into being in the medical field and since I had no idea what I wanted to major in, sure why not?!

Oh how I was wrong because on that very first day of school, I cried in chemistry lab and rushed out hoping that my professor didn’t notice my tears through my goggles! Hahaha!

For all of you high school seniors and college freshmen, that’s okay not knowing what you want to do or major in at first! I know a few friends who are going back to school for their degrees in their mid-twenties after discovering themselves. The transition from home to college is huge and more people struggle with that than you think! I know I’m not very good with the adjustments of change. As you discover more and more about yourself throughout this transition, you’ll soon have that “A-ha moment” and realize what you want to do in life! Once you find what makes you happy, don’t let anybody ever take that away from you! One of the greatest things people have a hard time doing is saying, “no” and that’s okay! Sometimes you need to think about yourself first and not what anybody else thinks about you!

Going back to my story, I had a hard time accepting the truth about myself! The more I fought thinking that I was good in certain medical subjects, the more I failed! I lost site of who I was! I decided to seek a career counselor and she had me take a few personality tests which linked with certain careers! For the following semester, I decided to take a few general education classes, required courses for every degree such as English and Math, and decided then what I should be doing. I figured since I have such a huge background in business, I should go into a business degree!

Not even a week later, I told myself, if I go into business, I can’t become a teacher! That was the moment! That was the moment I knew I wanted to become a teacher! Looking back at memories playing over again in my head, it all made sense now! I searched for student organizations on campus for those in education and one of my friends who I went to high school with actually mentioned “Teachers Pay Teachers!”

At that moment, everything started to fall into place and I could not have been a happier person! It has been a very slow progress but slowly but surely it is all coming together! As I excel through my classes, I am hoping my creations for education students and even teachers could use the resources I build throughout my journey as an undergraduate.

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