About Me

Hey Everybody! Thank you so much for coming onto my blog! My name is Tiffany Lee and I’m about to head into my last year in education!!! I grew up in a small town in northern Michigan along with my three other sisters! If you’re ever around where all of us are together, I’m warning yah, it could get loud and rambunctious!!! Haha! Which makes it all the more fun!

I’m a Mamma Birdy to a lovely cockatiel named Nipper! In my heart, he’ll always be a boy but apparently, my boyfriend Jon and I believe him to be a her! He is very cranky all the time if he doesn’t get a nap during the day, gets spoiled from (s)he who shall not be named, Ahem…Jon! No, apparently, it’s me, and is the most curious, smart, and clumsy birdy I had ever had. He almost acts like our baby sometimes or even a dog in another life. Did I mention he smells like a cucumber? Haha

I’m a certified substitute teacher, math and reading tutor to my elementary and middle schoolers, and hopefully soon to be coaching assistant. I’ve been in school for way too long and finally about to hit that goal of mine of achieving my very own classroom! I love being able to interact with students in real-life classroom experiences and making a positive impact in their lives throughout my education.

Part of my journey in life is to help others figure out what they want to do in life, take a glimpse of what it takes in the education field, steps to becoming a successful substitute teacher, and knowing what to do when getting into your very own classroom! Join me in my next journey as I head into the classroom while still taking courses as a college student. It’s been a life full of events but after putting all my trust and faith in the lord, I know he will show me the way!